Crimson (ˈkrɪmz(ə)n): Of a rich deep red colour inclining to purple.
Stars (stɑːz): Fixed luminous points in the night sky that are large, remote incandescent bodies like the sun.
Eyes (ʌɪz): A pair of globular organs of sight in the head of humans and vertebrate animals.

Crimson Stars Eyes' music mere executors are:


If you want to hear Crimson Stars Eyes, just close your eyes.

...but if you're deaf from that ear, it is also available for free on Spotify. If you like it (King of Outer Space did it!) you can also buy it from iTunes, Google Music and all main online music platforms.

Do you feel the need of touching that incredible cosmic power with your own hands? Now you can do it!
Order the CD by sending an email at info@crimsonstarseyes.com and prepare for a cosmic journey through the universe!


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Crimson Stars Eyes lyrics

Crimson Stars Eyes Crimson Stars Eyes searches for peace in the Night Waters flow gently, the Moon shining bright Planets collide giving birht to New Life Past, Presente, Future – together they shine Oooh Quiter than silence but louder than rain New Life is growing and moves its first steps Crimson Stars Eyes searches for […]

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Looks like gold to me lyrics

Looks like gold to me And if you’d listen today I could boe you ‘till night Of Fairies leading to some Golden Road You’ll hear the echoing of the Endless Bell And when you’ll sleep at noght you’ll see that Stars Eyes But now I’m falling on my knees Fairy will you show them please […]

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